Journal of Anatolian Chemistry and Chemical Education Research


The photophysicochemical properties of peripherally and non-peripherally tetrakis-substituted lutetium(III) acetate phthalocyanines

The photophysical properties of peripherally /non-peripherally tetrakis-2,6-dimethoxyphenoxy substituted mono-lutetium(III) acetate phthalocyanine complexes were reported in dimethylsulfoxide. The fluorescence quantum yields, lifetimes of fluorescence, the natural radiative lifetime and the rate constants for fluorescence values of the lutetium(III) acetate phthalocyanines were determined in dimethylsulfoxide. The influences of the substituent positions (peripheral or non-peripheral) and central metal ion on the photophysical properties has also been investigated and compared with both each other and unsubstituted indium(III) acetate.


Phthalocyanine, Lutetium(III), Photophysics, Fluorescence, Position.

Author: Mehmet PİŞKİN - Omer Faruk Ozturk and Zafer Odabas
Number of pages: 1-7
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Journal of Anatolian Chemistry and Chemical Education Research
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